Digital marketing services are witnessing some major shifts in its orientation and direction. Traditional online marketing methods don’t deliver the expected results. Enter the influencer outreach platform.

A new breed of influencers shows big promise

All of a sudden, brands are shifting their gears and trying to incorporate influencer marketing into their strategies.

Out of 86% of marketers who used influencer marketing strategies, 93% were very satisfied with their efforts and the landing page results they obtained.

Influencer marketing works and works very well provided you use the right influencer outreach platform combined with the right tools and strategies to find and collaborate with social media influencers.

We did some research to come up with a comprehensive list of 21 influencer outreach platforms to help the brands with their influencer marketing efforts.

Let's take a closer look at each of them.

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#1: Iconosquare

This is an impressive digital marketing platform which helps you grow your business with the help of Instagram and Facebook. It provides you with a lot of information and insights with the help of analytics.

Iconosquare helps you monitor and improve performance on key social metrics. Conversations can be managed effectively on social media too.

Unfortunately, they have stopped providing their influencer outreach services from April 11th, 2018.

iconosquare influencer outreach tools

#2: Klout

Klout rates everyone on social media on the basis of the influence they have. It determines influence on the basis of the person’s footprint on social media and the kind of content they share.

It enables you to search for social media influencers on the basis of topics. Doing so can help you find the ones who can help you market your brand.

Whether you need a specific YouTube channel or a team of Instagram influencers, Klout makes the process painless.

klout influencer outreach tools

#3: BuzzSumo

The BuzzSumo platform quickly helps you identify what content is working in a specific industry and helps you identify the social media influencers in that industry as well.

It brings influencer identification and content sharing analytics together in one dashboard. You can identify influencers who may be able to amplify your content and brand messaging efforts.

buzzsumo influencer outreach tools

#4: Traackr

This is one suit with influencer discovery and management capabilities and a central database.

It uses analytics to scale the impact of influencer relationships, track ROI, track competition, and gain insights that can help you grow. It claims to have the largest influencer discovery engine.

traackr influencer outreach tools

#5: BuzzStream

BuzzStream helps you reach influencers and manage relationships from one centralized database making follow up efforts a breeze.

It helps you research social media influencers automatically with all relevant details like contact information, social profiles and other site metrics.

It can keep track of all conversations and provides you insights for outreach programs.

buzzstream influencer outreach tools

#6: Tapinfluence

Tapinfluence makes influencer marketing easy. It helps you discover the right influencers by providing you a 360 degrees perspective on each influencer.

It also helps you work with influencers. You can measure the right KPIs to track your investments and your efforts. It has specialized content distribution tools.

tapinfluence influencer outreach tools

#7: Prezly

This is a PR software for enterprises which can help you discover influencers. With Prezly, you can create press releases in a jiffy, create online newsrooms, send and track stories and news releases, and it helps you manage PR contacts.

Data can be imported from Excel sheets and PR tools. As a result, you can easily track your follow up efforts.

prezly influencer outreach tools

#8: Klear

Klear provides social monitoring, influencer marketing, and competitive research tools. You get social media analytics, and influencer marketing tools along with deeper social listening capabilities when you opt for it.

You can identify, manage, monitor, and analyze influencers with ease.

Get the dirt on a YouTube channel, track sponsored content, identify micro influencers, and much more with this amazing influencer marketing software.

klear influencer outreach tools

#9: Ninja Outreach

An influencer outreach platfrom, Ninja Outreach generates leads for marketers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs, as well as small and big enterprises.

This platform automates your outreach efforts on social media. It helps you find top influencers, top Instagram and Twitter influencers. You can manage thousands of influencer contacts from one simple interface.

ninjaoutreach influencer outreach tools

#10: Markerly

This is an end-to-end influencer marketing solution which connects influencers to brands.

It analyzes the content of the influencers and matches them with the personality of the brands to find a perfect brand fit. It provides tools to grow your audience too.

markerly influencer outreach tools

#11: Pitchbox

Pitchbox automates prospecting and influencer outreach processes. It is also a content marketing platform which helps brands, publishers, and agencies market their content to right audiences.

With its intuitive keyword search and integrations with top SEO providers, you can find the most authoritative publishers in your niche in no time.

pitchbox influencer outreach tools

#12: HYPR

This is a real-time social media analytic platform. It boasts the world’s largest influencer marketplace.

Their in-depth influencer marketing platform has profile and demographic information of over 10 million influencers across different social channels.

Its search engine superimposes analytical intelligence on the ecosystem of influencers to deliver insights.

hypr influencer outreach tools

#13: Trend Spottr

True to its name, Trend Spottr spots emerging trends, viral content, and key influencers on a topic in real-time. It also helps with content marketing, influencer targeting, market research, crisis management, and more.

You can create alerts for your brand, your industry, your competitors, and more and be informed in real-time when mentioned anywhere on the web.

trendspottr influencer outreach tools

#14: Discoverly

This is a Chrome extension which gathers information on a person or a set of persons on LinkedIn with incredible speed. It helps you network efficiently.

It leverages social media networks to scout personal and professional relationships. The extension can also help you get access to the relationships across the platforms.

discoverly influencer outreach tools

#15: Grin

Grin makes influencer marketing really simple. It is subscription-based influencer marketing software that helps you run influencer marketing campaigns in the best way possible.

It helps with searching for influencers, vetting and analyzing them, and collaborating with them. Grin is the complete package with impressive tools to measure KPIs and ROIs and more.

grin influencer outreach tools

#16: Revfluence

Revfluence is an efficient influencer marketing platform that helps you scale up your influencer marketing efforts easily. It can run a highly customized influencer campaign.

High performing influencers are identified and the relationships with these influencers can be nurtured with the help of different tools that are available.

aspireiq influencer outreach tools

#17: Upfluence

Upfluence helps you manage influencer marketing campaigns well. It is all-in-one cloud hosted influencer search and content management solution.

Upfluence Search helps you find top influencers with its search engine. Upfluence Manager helps with managing the influencer campaign and Upfluence Analytics helps you measure and track your efforts.

upfluence influencer outreach tools

#18: Outreachr

Outreachr optimizes sales workflows. It is a cloud based sales and influencer outreach automated tool. With the help of Outreachr, sales teams can efficiently monitor and manage their prospects.

Users can customize influencer outreach efforts. They can find and share content with key influencers.

outreachr influencer outreach tools

#19: Outreach Plus

This is a powerful email outreach and influencer marketing software. With the help of Outreach Plus you can build successful outreach campaigns, monitor the results, and tweak the strategy.

Highly personalized emails can be created with the help of their personalization engine full of email templates. Smart user automation platform detects user behaviour like email opened, links clicked etc.

All responses can be managed from a single inbox making follow up quick and easy.

outreachplus influencer outreach tools

#20: Deep Social

This influencer ranking and analytics platform provides in depth data on the influencers and their audience on Instagram.

The Deep Social team creates a time series forecasting model that forecasts audience behavior insights three months in advance (with due error margin). It respects the privacy of Instagrammers.

deep social influencer outreach tools

#21: Kred

Kred enables you to increase your online influence. It helps you engage with other influencers. With Kred, you can stay on the top of most influential and trending content.

You can strengthen your personal brand by creating an influencer profile. Chat with other influencers exclusively. You can give extra credits to your favorite influencers.

kred influencer outreach tools

Over to You

With so many influencer outreach platforms and tools available in the digital space, you can pick and choose the influencer outreach platform that suits your purposes the best.

Do a little research, test the tools, and work with the features that help you reach your influencer marketing goals.

If you have been working with any influencer outreach platform that you've found to be useful, let us know in the comments.

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